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The third edition of Practical Electronics for Inventors just rolled off the presses, and it is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of the science and technology electronics. The book contains more than a thousand pages of essential information, and it includes thousands of useful illustrations. The text of the new edition has been thoroughly vetted to clean up errors that crept into the previous edition. Obsolete material has been removed, and new material has been added to bring the book up-to-date with current practices. The 200-page chapter on “Theory” provides a college-level exploration of the fundamental physical principles of electricity and electronics, complete with mathematical formulas.  Other chapters include electronic circuits, semiconductor, sensors, and microcontrollers, as well as well as detailed guidelines for getting started with a variety of hands-on electronics projects. We price this amazing book at only US $40, and you can find it for even less at many retailers. Be sure to pre-order a copy today!

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